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How can my colleague also send questionnaires or view the results?

Go to your My environment and click on My organization. On the left is a menu with Manage Users. Here you can add a colleague and assign the role of company administrator. Your colleague then has the same rights as you and can edit, view and send questionnaires.

How do I create and send a new questionnaire?

First log in to the Webtool. Then click on your name at the top right to go to My environment.

  1. Via My respondents you can add your colleagues to whom you want to send a questionnaire
  2. You can then create a new questionnaire via My questionnaires
  3. When you save this you can select the added respondents and send an invitation
As a company administrator, I also want to complete the questionnaire. How do I do that?

Go to the questionnaire that you want to complete yourself. KIick + Respondent. You will then be taken to the list of all respondents from your organization. This also includes your own e-mail address. Select your email address and click Add selection at the bottom. In the overview of the respondents who are linked to the questionnaire you can now copy your personal link via the "switch icon".

Can I restore a deleted questionnaire?

No that is impossible.

Do the different job levels (executive/management) also get different questions?

No, the questions are the same for all respondents.

Do the added respondents automatically receive an invitation to complete the questionnaire?

No, you have to do this manually. Go to the questionnaire and click on the respondents you want to invite. Click on the Send invitation button at the bottom. You can then edit and send the email.

Respondents are notified that the deadline has passed. How do I open the questionnaire again?

Go to the relevant questionnaire. Then click on Edit  next to the title of the questionnaire. Enter a date in the future in the Last response date. When you save this, the questionnaire will be opened up to respondents again.

How can I provide the questions with an explanation?

If employees have difficulty with the questions, you can briefly explain what is meant. To do this, go to the questionnaire and click on View the questionnaire on the right. Via the button Explanation you can fill in something per question.

Give some examples that they recognize. You can of course also answer the questions individually first and then discuss them with each other. For example, by organizing a workshop together or by discussing it with multiple disciplines from within the company. By holding such sessnios, employees come back with richer images. And this reinforces safety awareness.

Import respondends doesn't work - how do I solve this?

To import the file this has to be validated conform the import structure. 

  • The file format is Excel (.xlsx or .xls) or .CSV (.csv or .txt). 
  • The file contains the following colums:
    • Surname
    • Emailadres (without spaces!)
    • Functionlevel contains operations or management (without capital).
    • Location I.e. when there is only one location, you can define "main office". 
    • Department

The most common mistakes are made on the following datafields. 

  • Emailadres: check if there are spaces left in the emailadres. These occurs errors. 
  • Functionlevel: only operations or management are mandatory (without capitals).